We are a national home design firm. Therefore, we work with customers in many different states. Each state and local area may have a different code requirement. So, we can not provide plans that are acceptable to every local code. However, our plans do come with pages including details for the 2012 International Residential Code.

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We want you to ultimately end up with your dream home. We will modify any of our existing stock plans to suit your needs. If this does not work, though, please contact us about a custom design. We would love to help you find your dream home!

We strive to ship out plans as quickly as possible. However, if you need your plans even faster, we recommend purchasing one of the digital formats (PDF or CAD). This not only saves you on shipping costs, but it puts your plans in your hands a lot faster!

DEFINITELY! Simply contact us and we will be happy to discuss any modifications and give you a free modification quote as well as the timeline for completing your project.


One Set: Study Set stamped NOT FOR CONSTRUCTION - This allows you to give a detailed set off prints to your builder to develop construction estimates. Once you decide to build your dream home, We will credit your purchase of the study sets against the purchase of multiple sets of prints, PDF or CAD packages. All of our house plans are protected by Federal Copyright Law. You may not make any copies of the house plans for any purpose, except with the purchase of a Reproducible set or AutoCAD. “NOT FOR CONSTRUCTION” is stamped across each sheet of the study set.

5 or 8 Sets: These paper print packages gives you the single use license to build your dream home. Order the number of sets of prints you need. Before ordering, please contact your building department, contractor, mortgage company for the total number of sets you will need. Since all of our plans are protected by Federal Copyright Law, you may not make additional copies if you run short. You may call us to order additional copies. Another option is to purchase the PDF or CAD file option to make as many copies as you require.

Reproducible: A Reproducible is a type of paper which is ideal if you intend to make minor changes to your house plan. They allow architects/designers to make changes without having to completely redraw the house plan. Once the changes are made, you’ll have a single use license to build your dream home and print as many copies as you need.

PDF file: This is an electronic scan of the construction drawings that will be emailed to you. Typically, this option allows you to email the files to contractors, mortgage companies, building departments and others that need it. You’ll have a single use license to build your dream home and print as many copies as you need. Also, this allows you to print in full size construction drawings or 8 ½ “x 11” paper size.

CAD file or disk: If you are planning major revisions to your house plans many architects and designers prefer to work from CAD files. They require having AutoCad or compatible software to open the electronic files to modify them. This file will be emailed to you or will be shipped to you on a CDROM or DVD disk in a format compatible with CAD software. Once the changes are made, you’ll have a single use license to build your dream home and print as many copies as you need. Also, this allows you to print in full size construction drawings or 8 ½ “x 11” paper size.

Construction drawings typically include the following:

Foundation Plan** (1/4″ or 1/2″ = 1′)
Floor Plans (1/4″= 1′)
Set of Elevations (1/4″= 1′)
Building Sections (1/4″ or 1/2″ = 1′)
Kitchen and Bath Elevations (1/2″ = 1′)
Miscellaneous Details (3/4″ = 1′)
Roof Overview Plan (1/4″ = 1′)

Some designs may have optional Framing Drawings include the following: (available at an additional cost)

First and Second Floor Framing Plans (1/4″= 1′-0″)
Ceiling Joist Framing Plan (1/4″= 1′-0″)
Roof Framing Plan (1/4″= 1′-0″)
Miscellaneous Framing Details

Most plans offer a slab or crawlspace foundation as the standard option at no additional charge. A basement, daylight basement, or walk out basement is most often considered an optional foundation, but can be included at an additional fee.

(Exceptions apply; call to speak with a representative to determine what plans have a basement foundation included at no additional charge.)

Typically, all first and second floor exterior walls are 2 x 4 wood stud walls. Exterior walls in two story rooms are 2 x 6 wood studs. Also, all exterior walls on the basement foundation plans are shown as 2 x 6 wood studs minimum. All stud sizes are dictated by the building codes to meet the structural load requirements or the insulation requirements in colder climates.

Depending on the square footage of the house, the first floor is either 8′-0″,9′-0″ or 10′-0″. The second floor ceiling heights are 8′-0″ except for some of the very large homes that have 9′-0″ ceilings. These ceiling heights are for the typical rooms that do not have a vaulted or tray ceiling. Most of the rooms with a volume ceiling are indicated on the promotional plans.

Square footage calculations are made from outside the exterior frame wall and do not include decks, porches, garages, basements, attics, fireplaces, etc. We include two story and vaulted areas only once in the calculations of the first floor. Stairs are counted once. Balconies and open walkways in two story and vaulted areas are included in square footage of the second floor. Brick is not counted in our square footage calculations.


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